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  1. Blanka

    Watching the Joker move and fight, I can’t stop thinking
    of Blanka from the Street Fighter games. Still,
    it’s a good opening, and a very well made cartoon.

  2. Wait and see…
    I wasn’t impressed. I’m not happy with the choice of animation style, which got me off on the wrong foot. The story was so-so. I’ll watch it (heck, I’ve got 4 boys…I don’t really have a choice), but I’m not looking forward to it as much as I was hoping to.

    Thinking about it, I don’t see it as dark enough. Bruce Wayne seems too young, Alfred too jovial. And the animation reminds me a lot of the Jackie Chan series, which is entirely comedic. And while I like the idea of a Bat grappler that actually goes through things to attach to them, we’re talking about the walls of Arkham Asylum here… That thing must have one helluva kick to it. Not to mention that leaving fist sized holes in Arkham’s walls is not exactly the best idea.

    I’m being awfully negative. The truth is, I didn’t find much to like here, but I’m loyal enough to give it a season to work on me.

  3. My only major issue with it..
    …is how the Joker looked.

    I wasn’t thrilled with some of the voice acting, or the animation style, but those were just less preferred and not really disliked.

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