Weekly DVD News and Releases

These are some of the releases coming out on
September 14.

The genre selections include:

  • Angels
    In America
    : The highly rated HBO miniseries.
  • Re-Animator:
    This is a special edition rerelease of the Jeffrey
    Coombs vehicle.
  • THX
    1138 Director’s Cut
    : No doubt offered to raise
    awareness for the release of the Star Wars
    next week.
  • Ultimate
    DVD Christmas Pack
    : Rankin/Bass shows are a big
    part of my Christmas tradition. This boxed set
    includes Santa Claus is Coming to Town,
    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty
    the Snowman
    , Frosty Returns, and
    Little Drummer Boy. I’m not a huge fan of
    the last two, but the first three make this
    worthwhile. Now if they’d only release ‘Twas the
    Night Before Christmas
    , I’d be happy.

The non-genre selections include:

2 replies on “Weekly DVD News and Releases”

  1. I Hope You Were Kidding Around
    THX 1138 Director’s Cut: No doubt offered to raise awareness for the release of the Star Wars Trilogy next week.

    Using a movie few people have ever seen and not many more have heard of to stoke interest in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time? Nah. If anything, I think the hope is that THX 1138 will be near the Star Wars Trilogy on the new release shelf and people will say “Wow! I never heard of that George Lucas movie. Maybe I should pick it up.” This is particularly true since THX 1138 is a Warner property while Star Wars, of course, is from 20th Century Fox.

    I actually enjoyed THX 1138 when I saw it. It’s hazy in my memory, but it was weird, high-tech and ominous – all things that I liked at the time. To link back to a prior post of mine in the 2010 discussion, it wasn’t long after I saw THX 1138 that I went back and saw 2001 again, finally figuring out its magic.

    For a little more info on the new release, Wired had an article in a recent issue.

    • Re: I Hope You Were Kidding Around
      I vaguely remember this film. I kinda liked it, but at the time I was suffering from acute Dystopia burnout –each of my HS & college english teachers seemed to have their own favorite orwellian novel to make us read. (Oddly enough, the only one I didn’t read in school was 1984; I eventually read it on my own.) I’ll have to watch it again sometime.

      Of course, not everyone is thrilled with the SE changes. I read one review, apparently from a die-hard fan of the film (sound familiar?), which said the new stuff ruins the mood and is really easy to pick out. With my hazy memories, I’m guessing I won’t even notice most of it…

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