CW DCU Discussion: The Heroes Return from Hiatus

Supergirl, “Ace Reporter:” Every nanosecond brings danger as Lena Luthor’s ex comes to town with a medical procedure that may not be what it seems. Meanwhile, tension develops among the show’s second-string crimefighters.

The Flash, “The Once and Future Flash”: Barry travels to the future, to learn that Emma never returned from being Killer Frost, Savitar was defeated without the Flash learning his identity, and Mirror Master and Top continue to wreak havoc in Central City. Future Flash, taking a page out of the Arrow handbook, has become a mopey recluse in a bad wig. Can Barry get the old gang together and save the future? Can he save the doomed Iris? And will someone hand him a plot device in the last few minutes of the episode that he literally could have received at any other time in the episode?

Bonus: Killer Frost learns Savitar’s secret identity– but we don’t!

Arrow, “Dangerous Liaisons:” The Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont use seduction to…. Wait, wrong Dangerous Liaisons. Everyone joins the chase after Adrian. Team Arrow may have to make an illicit deal with Helix, and hope there’s no double-cross, in order to stop the killer.

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  1. “but we don’t”

    I hate it when they do that…

    Also what’s the point of Flash fixing things in the future if the goal is to go back and fix the present??

    • If that ends up being the future, or if it is one of many extant futures (which doesn’t quite seem to be how it works most of the time in this version of reality), then he has made things better there. Otherwise, it’s an exercise in renewing hope or some such.

    • It was more about what it means to be a hero. Had he simply gone home, it would have been one more step on the road away from heroism, and probably one more step toward actually being that broken down future self. Also, as PuppetSocko points out, if that really does turn out to be the future that happens, it makes things better.

  2. While it’s clear that the writer did it this way because even they hadn’t decided who Savitar is going to be by the time the episode was filmed, My bet if for Ronnie, and looking around to make sure I had the spelling right, I’m seeing I’m not the only one who thinks that.

    • It would explain why she joins his team, though the idea that evil (let us say) Frost instantly trusts evil Ronnie seems problematic.

      • I agree that it’s problematic, but if there’s one person she’s trust this quickly, it would be him. (unless they decide to go with her father, who I can’t remember being mentioned in the series before)

        Also, the writers have cut corners for the convenience of the plot before.

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