4 replies on “The Last Starfighter: The Musical”

  1. theangrymob says:

    Better Article
    Here’s a better article.

  2. jbrecken says:

    The Big Number
    Anyone else picturing the DeathBlossom as a Busby Berkeley dance number?

  3. y42 says:


    Any Bureau-ites (or is that bureaucrats?)

    Keep a civil tongue! Don’t make me get the soap…

    • Timeshredder says:

      From the bureau drawer

      Why not? As I will mention in my forthcoming reviews of Ringu and The Ring, they inspired a musical, which played in Tokyo.

      Character #1: (answering objection to a musical based on the life of the Elephant man) They originally thought that Jesus Christ Superstar was a bad idea.

      Character #2: Jesus Christ Superstar was a bad idea.
      The Tall Guy

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