Steve Smith’s Playhouse

It’s no Mystery Science Theater 3000, but those in or near Canada may want to check out this show, which airs 6:30 Sunday night on Space.

In the tradition of MST3000, What’s Up, Tiger Lily? and the more irreverant old-time tv horror-hosts, Steve Smith– better known as Red Green– presents Steve Smith’s Playhouse. Basically, old drive-in flicks get reduced to one half-hour, and have their dialogue redubbed. It’s not much-watch tv, but it provides a few laughs.

So, when do we get to see Enterprise receive the same treatment?

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  1. Speaking of…
    Speaking of MST3K, I had NPR on in the car Saturday and out of the blue a short spot for “The Film Crew” comes on, and its Mike Nelson, Bill Corbet, and Kevin Murphy of MST3K doing a 2 minute version of Sky Captain which was pretty funny. I’m rather excited, though there’s very little I’ve been able to find out about this, other than their website. I know there was something said about their program after the Sky Captain bit, but an impatient driver turned off the car before I could hear it. Anyone know any more about this endeavor? How new it is or anything?

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