3 replies on “A Pair of CG Trailers”

  1. y42 says:

    Robots looks incredible.

    The other thing…the penguins look fun…er…yeah.

  2. fiziko says:

    My $0.02

    Robots will probably get a ticket sale from me. Madagascar won’t at this rate. I’m not very impressed with the models or animation on that one, actually. The lion’s mane is too rigid, the monkey’s brow is too blocky, the motion is too jerky, etc. It looks like a PlayStation One game at the resolution I’m watching it at, and I can’t imagine that would get any better on the big screen. I just hope that wasn’t the final render.

  3. Captain_Avatar says:

    Looks funny
    Definately a Robin Williams vehicle. The “Genie” is now a robot. “Oi, I’ve got such a crick in my neck!”

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