Trailer Park – SDCC 2017 Edition

San Diego Comic Con, one of the biggest gatherings of geekdom every year, always gets us good previews of coming attractions. Check out our round-up:

The Defenders

Justice League

Ready Player One

Star Trek: Discovery

Stranger Things, Season 2

Thor: Ragnarok

3 replies on “Trailer Park – SDCC 2017 Edition”

    • The arrow trailer didnt give hints as to the fate of main cast from the end of last season. Pity the Flash one didn’t follow a similar suit. I give it 1-2 episodes before Barry is back.

  1. Thor’s solo films have been a bit lacking, next to the others. This one looks like it will be excellent, or at least a good deal of fun.

    Hulk have actual dialogue!

    Comic Con showed the first ep of The Defenders. Advance buzz is strong.

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