Weekly Comics Discussion

This week’s shipping
includes Essential Monster of
Frankenstein Vol. 1
, Exiles #53, and
Ultimate Spider-Man #66 from my pull list.
Other items include the first issue in a new
Sabretooth miniseries, the first in an old
but unreleased Tomb of Dracula series, and
the hardcover of 1602 (with 1603
likely to follow next year; I’ll wait for the trade
paperback if I get it at all.)

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  1. Comments on this week’s issues

    I can see why this issue of Ultimate Spider-Man
    was solicited as “the crossover for people who hate
    crossovers.” I’m curious about how this will be resolved
    and explained in one more issue.

    As for Exiles, the most interesting thing is in Tony
    Bedard’s answer to the last letter in the letters column.
    I guess I’ll be around for at least ten more issues. :)

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