The Queen of Voice Acting, June Foray, Has Passed Away

Leaving behind a massive filmography, June Foray has died just weeks short of her 100th birthday. Foray is best known for her work as Granny and Witch Hazel on “Looney Tunes” and as Rocky and Natasha on “Rocky & Bullwinkle.” Her spanned decades and genres and included:

  • Various Characters (and the voice of Betty in the pilot) on The Flintstones
  • Lucifer in Walt Disney’s Cinderella
  • Magica De Spell on DuckTales
  • Granny Gummi on Gummi Bears
  • Grandmother Fa on Mulan
  • Talky Tina on The Twilight Zone (The Living Doll)
  • Jokey Smurf on The Smurfs
  • Aunt May on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

A tireless advocate for animation, she helped establish the Annie Awards as well as getting the Academy Awards to add the Full-Length Animated Feature award in 2007. Her autobiography, “Did You Grow Up with Me?” was published 2009.