Twenty-Five Years of Deep Space Nine

Image result for deep space nine posterBy the Prophets! Has it really been a quarter of a century since DS9 debuted?

Giving us a darker, richer, more character-driven series than the previous two incarnations of Star Trek (and most TV Sci-Fi), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine set out on different path and changed the genre forever. By not allowing the characters to warp away from the previous week’s adventure, they were forced to deal with long-term consequences.

The show had its ups and downs. Sure there was “Move Along Home” and “Time’s Orphan” but there was also “The Visitor,” “Duet,” and “In the Pale Moonlight.”

Raise a glass of kanar or bloodwine (2309 vintage, if you please) in toast.

Variety has a great write-up on the series and it’s 25th birthday.

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