Kiernan Shipka to play Sabrina Spellman

Kiernan Shipka who grew up on Mad Men playing Sally Draper, will star in the forthcoming Netflix adaptation of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This is the adult-oriented Archie occult comic that presents Sabrina as a genuinely horrifying witch-child coming of age in the 1960s (though the TV show may be set in the present).

4 replies on “Kiernan Shipka to play Sabrina Spellman”

  1. I am very excited for this! I love the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The art was gorgeous, and the stories were a beautiful amount of macabre and unsettling creepiness without being the modern horror movie of gore and jump scares.

    • Some of the coverage calls it a “spin off” of Riverdale and it was initially being developed by the CW, but if it’s the recent Chilling Adventures version, that wouldn’t really work.

      Also, if it’s the Chilling Adventures version, I for one hope it stays as far away from the CW as possible.

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