Star Trek Discovery Discussion: Vaulting Ambition

A major twist– one predicted by many fans, but which I hadn’t given much credence– changes our understanding of the show. This week’s episode features wonkier science than usual, but it boasts some strong performances– and a Trek Shakespearian allusion.

Discussion here.

9 replies on “Star Trek Discovery Discussion: Vaulting Ambition”

  1. Wow.

    After this episode, I now want to go back and rewatch everything, because while I caught some of the very clear hints, I feel like I still missed so much that was painfully obvious.

    Wow, Trek got good.

      • Like I said last week, there’s a lot of unjustified hate for this show by people who want it to be the same as all the previous Treks. It just won’t, and they’re viewing it through that lens.

        • Yeah, the Star Trek page on Facebook has become unbearable between Discovery haters and just general misanthropes who clearly did not get the message of any of the series.

          I need to write up an essay on toxic fandom and how it’s ruining our culture.

  2. My reaction to the twist was, “Dude! That explains so much!” In particular, some of the questionable decisions and behaviour on Lorca’s part along the way.

    I was starting to be skeptical of the whole parallel universe story line as it became clear it wasn’t a one or two and done setup. This goes a long way to redeeming it. Now all that remains is paying it off properly.

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