Star Trek Discovery Discussion: Vaulting Ambition

A major twist– one predicted by many fans, but which I hadn’t given much credence– changes our understanding of the show. This week’s episode features wonkier science than usual, but it boasts some strong performances– and a Trek Shakespearian allusion.

Discussion here.

9 replies on “Star Trek Discovery Discussion: Vaulting Ambition”

  1. Wow.

    After this episode, I now want to go back and rewatch everything, because while I caught some of the very clear hints, I feel like I still missed so much that was painfully obvious.

    Wow, Trek got good.

  2. lost says:

    My reaction to the twist was, “Dude! That explains so much!” In particular, some of the questionable decisions and behaviour on Lorca’s part along the way.

    I was starting to be skeptical of the whole parallel universe story line as it became clear it wasn’t a one or two and done setup. This goes a long way to redeeming it. Now all that remains is paying it off properly.

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