Once Again, Alleged Voyager Spoilers

The standard rumour disclaimers apply to every darn
word of this
which claims to have a detailed synopsis of
the Star Trek: Voyager finale. I’d also like to take
this opportunity to ask for volunteers to tape the show
for me, and to mail me a copy of said show, since I’m
not gonna be able to see it locally.

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  1. Voyager Tapes
    Dave – I would, but I’m in the same boat as you. There isn’t a UPN affliate within 100 miles of where I live. There is one only about 60mi from where I work – but that’s still too far. Oh well.

  2. My story’s worse. :-)
    I don’t have access to a UPN affiliate, but I used to – kinda sorta. There was a local religious station that carried some UPN programming, but I don’t know if it counts as they only carried about three UPN shows (Voyager among them). They finally disavowed their UPN allegiance when the network picked up WWF SmackDown! .

    So then my local WB affiliate signed some weird contract to carry a couple of UPN shows – specifically, Voyager and the aforementioned WWF show. These shows are aired on a “whenever the devil we feel like it” basis; though they both officially have time slots, they are rarely honored (they’re also bound to carry Cardinals and Blues games, which tie up just about every weekend). And several people at the station have told me they’re not planning to air the finale because, and I’m abridging, they have enough trouble finding room for a one-hour show that nobody watches without squeezing in a two-hour show.

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