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Maybe the Buffster needs her own category here… anyway. Whole big pack of random rumors, most of which came from AICN if you wanna track ’em down: Spike will switch shows, from Buffy to Angel; Angel may not even be a show anymore, as WB is considering a vengeful retributive cancellation for losing Buffy; Giles, of all the minor characters, may get his own show – but it’s likely to be a UK-only affair. In other news, Sarah Michelle Gellar and I are getting married late this fall. Take ’em all with the requisite five-pound-bag-of-salt.

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  1. Box O’ Comments From The Buffy Fan
    Personally, Spike Showing Up On Agnel would Be A Good thing. I liked The way they Wrote him Way Back For The Ring Of Amara Episode. Angel On The Whole I Think Is A better Show, And I Have A Theory on to Why.

    When Buffy Started, It Wasn’t A huge Budget Afair, It Was Your Average Show. Since Then, It’s Gotten More Funding, but They Aren’t Going To Let The Current Writers and Prop Makers And Such Go, Just Because They Have More Money And Can Hire better Ones. Then Along Comes Angel, Where They Are Spinning Off A Popular Show, And Odds Are They have Another Popular Show Here. More Money At The Startup, More Of The Better Writers And Such. Ever Notice How Angel’s Monsters Look More Realistic?

    Also: Giles With His Own Show Would Be Great. I Don’t Know How They Could Do that Without Actually Removing Him From Buffy, Unless It Was Set “Pre Buffy”. Maybe A Movie Of Giles In His Ripper Days.

  2. late comment…
    he-he hey ‘m guess not alot of people check this part ne more since now angels over*crys* n yay james was totaly amazing as usual on angel. is there ne news on more spin offs? it would be awsome if they did a spike thing joss left everything so OPEN!! spike n angel needa sort out the whole vampy wit a soul thingy! damn stupid shanshu!

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