Are you naughty or nice?

writes, Share with everyone what Santa will be
bringing you come Christmas. Apparently this is
Santa’s long-lost little brother, hehe.

“At the top of Santa’s list.” An anonymous
coward also submitted a pointer to a potential
shopping ground. That is, if you don’t mind helping
an evil scientist acheive world
. The complete submission reads:
Hello, Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr.
Steel, Owner and operator of World Domination Toys,
Inc. I am currently embarking on a plan for global
domination. I know, I know…everybody’s trying to
take over the world these days, right? Yes. However,
I aim to transform this world into a Utopian
Playland. A place filled with 24 hour fun-time happy
joy joy-ness. So, give me a chance. All I ask is that
you take some time to view my propaganda. If my
special brainwashing rays work and you begin to feel
like supporting my plans for global conquest (and toy
distribution), kindly display a link on your website
to help spread the word! Remember. Only YOU can help
me take over the world. Thank you for your time,
Dr.Steel President and all important guy World
Domination Toys, Inc.

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