Well, that’s it for this Halloween. Below we’ve got
a complete list of the Halloween Countdown reviews,
as well as links to all other Halloween themed movie
reviews we’ve done in the past. We follow that up
with questions for you readers about this little
event, and if you want similar things in the future.

Halloween Countdown to date

The titles involved in this year’s Halloween
countdown are:

Other Halloween-type stuff that we reviewed in the
past and, thus,
didn’t include this year includes:

As always, all of our reviews (with or without a
Halloween theme) can
be found on this
. Also, we’ve got a new review schedule
available, so that
you can see what we have planned. (We can unveil it
now that we
aren’t trying to hold back any surprises.) You can
find it here.
(I’m maintaining it right now, so you’ll likely see
spontaneous and
regular TV reviews appear on the Bureau before the
schedule, but you
can get some idea of what is coming. Some of the
long-term planning
stuff may change. Much of the “existing product”
stuff, such as
comics, novels, or TV-on-DVD product, may show up
earlier than that
would indicate, since we’re aiming more for deadlines
than anything.
For example, with only three episodes of the first
season of “Land of
the Lost” left to watch, I doubt it’ll take me until
the second week
of November. I may have the Ultimate Spider-Man:

review up tonight instead of Tuesday, as well.) I’m
going to try to
follow the Halloween stuff with some lighter stuff
this week, and also
try to get through some of the requests that have
been waiting for
some time.

Finally, a pair of questions for the Bureau 42
readers: Firstly, how
did the double-feature format work for you? (There’s
been some brief
discussion about trying to plan weekly double
features for next
summer, but if the readers don’t care for them,
there’s not much
point.) Let us know if you like the format.
Secondly, what do you
think of the themed events like the Halloween
countdown, and should we
try to do more?