Star Trek Discovery Discussion: “What’s Past Is Prologue”

This week’s episode gives us a couple more twists and great pacing. Some of the central actors give strong performances. I’m hoping, however, that past really is prologue, and the show can get a specific direction.

Maybe we’ll even see some science during the Klingon War.

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  1. I was impressed! This was really well done and exciting. I liked the very subtle theory that all life that has seeded the multiverse has a common ancestry that had originated and/or traveled via the mycelial network. It was also great how they return home, and it’s not like they had won and everyone lives happily ever after; there’s still a war to fight.

    I can’t wait to go back and binge watch the entire season.

    • I’m a little less impressed. I agree, this was an exciting watch, and the ending gave us a “wait til next week!” sort of cliffhanger. But when I compare to other recent genre shows, like The Expanse or Orphan Black or Twelve Monkeys, I find it wanting. They’re about something other than action, and a show calling itself Star Trek should be about something other than action. TOS could be cheesy as a Swiss monastery– and it had a few truly terrible eps– but it was usually about something rooted in actual science or sociology.

      I don’t have the tremendous dislike for show that others have commented upon, but if both The Expanse (returning soon) and 12 Monkeys (returning… uh… at some point) were running their new seasons right now, I’d probably just PVR this thing and watch it some weekend when I wasn’t feeling well or we had nothing on socially.

  2. This was pretty much a non-stop “wow” episode for me.

    This is how you use Michelle Yeoh. You let her be Michelle Yeoh.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath too hard for “science”, since this episode also brought Treknobabble back.

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