Star Trek Discovery: The War Without, The War Within

The Eagles pull an upset victory over the Patriots, as….

Right. Star Trek. Well, once again, we have a show that delivers a good deal of excitement and high production values. In what sense it constitutes a prequel remains an open question, or, perhaps, a question best left ignored forever.

The episode sets up a desperate and, at least, interesting war mission for next week.

We have a place to discuss the episode here. Or, if you prefer, the Super Bowl.

2 replies on “Star Trek Discovery: The War Without, The War Within”

  1. I can’t imagine how the various machinations going on among various factions are going to end well. Sure, next week’s mission may go according to plan (but whose plan?) but I highly doubt the end result is going to be what anyone wants.

    I’m half expecting them to fall back on the temporal shenanigans solution to everything. I hope not, though, and the trajectory of the show so far gives me some hope they won’t do that.

    • I have to agree. A single episode to clean up a quadrant worth of desolation, and to hit what I can only guess is a Risa strip club, deal with a dimensional refugee, and attack the Klingon homeworld? That would be a bit much for a movie.

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