Weekly Comics Discussion

finds us with Astonishing X-Men ,
Avengers #503, Exiles #54,
Ultimate Fantastic Four #12, and
Ultimate Spider-Man #68. Two of those
issues finish story arcs (AXM6 and UFF12), so reviews
are in the not-so-distant future. If you check the
current review
, you’ll find a listing of all of the
planned reviews. For the next few weeks, I’ll be
reviewing comic books just in time for the TPB to hit
the market.

3 replies on “Weekly Comics Discussion”

  1. Astonishing #6
    Being new back to Marvel Universe after many years gone (had to see what Joss was up to), I don’t know if I missed anything important that I really need to know that Joss hasn’t told me. So I ask, is the conversation between Scott and Emma on the last page just typical Joss season finale stuff, or did I miss something from before Astonishing that I need to know about?


    • Re: Astonishing #6
      I think it’s a typical Joss finale, but I don’t think that was Scott she was talking with. Scott was having a conversation with Beast right before that page. I don’t know who she was talking with and I have a feeling that was what Joss was aiming for.

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