Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week Two, Round One

The next round of voting is available here. Pick the greatest hero according to the criteria that matters to you.

3 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week Two, Round One”

    • I was thinking that myself, and realized it’s the same character, if he was inconsistently portrayed. I suspect there’s a case to be made that The Doctor should have only been one entry.

      • Interesting point, and one that gave me a moment of pause too when I saw some choices were to be actor-specific, although I can see a reason for why those were presented that way. On the one hand, The Doctor might be a single hero but his actual character has been quite different between portrayals, but on the other perhaps that’s just part of a larger story arc – plenty of heroes are decidely less “heroic” at one end of their journey to the other – so why the special treatment?

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