Move Discussion: A Wrinkle in Time

Madeleine L’Engle’s award-winning 1962 novel introduced many young readers to SF, and began a series that remains popular.

The Walt Disney adaptation began its theatrical run last week, playing to decidedly mixed reviews.

Here’s the place to discuss it.

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  1. I haven’t seen the movie, and likely won’t in theatres (and not just because of the… mediocre reviews). But I do want to say that the book had a huge impact on 10-year-old me. It pretty much fundamentally changed the way I see and understand the universe. The book explains spacetime in a way that a 10-year-old can understand.

    I was kinda hoping the movie would be a hit and get more kids interested in science, especially since it’s been in Production Limbo for decades.

    • Yeah. I’ll see it post-theatre.

      In a story that I haven’t tried to sell (it needs too much revision at present), I specifically made Wrinkle a bonding point/memory between the Geek Girl hero and her friend. I didn’t read it until I was “too old” for it, but the number of fen and science nerds I’ve met who cite this novel as significant to their childhood says something about it.

      Unfortunately, what works best about a novel may not translate to screen.

          • You know, you’re right. My wife mentioned she wouldn’t mind reading it either… I think we just decided on a family book club.

            [This still doesn’t answer if it’s nature or nurture that makes nerds, does it.]

            • Hmmm…. That could be a panel discussion at a Con.

              (Speaking of Cons, will anyone here be in the Detroit area on the May 4 weekend or in southwestern Ontario in late September?)

            • > [This still doesn’t answer if it’s nature or nurture that makes nerds, does it.]

              It’s both – pretty much everything to do with personality is both. You can’t escape your DNA, but you don’t grow up in a vacuum, either.

              By the way, I don’t know if you guys have those mini-libraries where you live, but I’ve been putting copies of A Wrinkle In Time and Last Chance To See in those for years.

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