This week’s shipping
includes the first issue of a four part
Incredibles series from Dark Horse, an
assortment of trade paperbacks from DC, along with
Identity Crisis #6, and a number of new
titles from Marvel. The Marvel pickings I’ll be
getting include Avengers Finale #1, which
might as well not be numbered, as it’s a one shot,
and X-Men: The End Book One #5. Other
titles I’ll be passing on include the rebooted
Iron Man, the new Marvel Team-Up,
and the first issue of The New Thunderbolts.
Trade paperbacks include the first volume of The
(which I just reviewed), and the first
volume of She-Hulk. It has been announced
that She-Hulk will be cancelled with issue
12, and then relaunched later with a larger marketing
push to improve its visibility. This TPB is
apparantly one of the most highly ordered trades
Marvel has had this year. It looks like a lot of
people are waiting for the trades rather than getting
a new series from the start, which could be why new
titles based on low profile characters are finding a
hard time getting readers.