Harlan Ellison, R.I.P.

Harlan Ellison, the outspoken, prolific author of stories, novels, screenplays, TV, and comics, died in his sleep this morning at the age of 84. Ellison wrote many a beloved and thought-provoking SF story including Trek‘s “The City on the Edge of Forever,” and won, in the words of Rick Green, “every coveted award– except Miss Congeniality.” Stephen King opined today that “If there’s an afterlife, Harlan is already kicking ass and taking down names.” John Scalzi has offered his own perspective on the irascible Mr. Ellison.

SF will miss him.

5 replies on “Harlan Ellison, R.I.P.”

  1. His influence and writing helped make Babylon 5 the great series it was.

    He had such a seeeping impact on sci-fi.

    • Agreed on his input to B5; I remember some of the comments jms made about his contributions that made it clear just how important he was in the show’s production and general quality. Still, it’s definitely going to be “City of the Edge of Forever” he’ll be remembered for, and rightly so. RIP, Harlan.

      P.S. There’s an extra “i” in his surname in the title.

  2. My first (conscious) exposure to Ellison was his cranky commentaries on Sci-Fi Channel’s Sci-Fi Buzz. Man those were awesome. Later I would learn he wrote the best TOS Star Trek episode.

    Go in peace, you old curmudgeon.

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