6 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week 19, Round One”

  1. Mister Garabaldi, what an epic, tragic character who ends up on top in the end.

    One of my B5 favorites!

      • +1. Seriously considering making some time for a re-watch here. Would be a good candidate show for an Bureau 42 retrospective series like the X-Files one too, for that matter.

        • I’ve thought about it for when The X-Files series is done, frankly. I’ve got all the JMS script books, too. The tough part would be watching just one episode a week instead of binge watching once the ball gets rolling.

            • I have not watched it, but it’s on my list to watch with my wife. I love the podcasts, but I hope that this one doesn’t start coming out until I am either in sync or just past the season/episode you reviewed.

              (We’ve got at least three other series to finish up first, including our Doctor Who rewatch, one last season of Enterprise, Once Upon a Time (I think season 5.))

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