I’ll have to get back to you with brief footage of my foray (as a spectator!) into second-tier “Pro Wrestling” later this summer. Meanwhile, we have a range of posts from around the net: new rocket engines, the Tsar’s space program, a Homestar Runner boardgame, a new Buffy, and video reports from San Diego:

Putin may be one of the most dangerous men in the world, so it is with mixed feelings that I hear he wants Roscosmos to improve Russia’s space program.

This piece from SpaceNews looks at the role 3-D printing plays in the next generation of rocket engines.

Joss Whedon’s name is attached to the latest utterings of a Buffy reboot or sequel or reimagining. Most articles say “reboot,” but readings around the net make it unclear if the more diverse Buffy will reboot entirely, or tell the continuing adventures of an entirely different Slayer.

Remember Trogdor? There’s a kickstarter for a burninatin’ board game

“Coolduder” has posted a tour of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con:

A number of people have put out San Diego first day cosplay vids:

Got time? Here’s the full Doctor Who panel from Comic-Con:

Cosplay Photos.