New Trek Series will star Patrick Stewart as Picard

No, that’s not a headline time-warped from 1986! Stewart has signed on to reprise his iconic role in a a new series. We still have no specific details about the series.

What should the new show be about? And will the Klingons get another redesign?

4 replies on “New Trek Series will star Patrick Stewart as Picard”

  1. Scene one: Picard wakes up and realizes that Nemesis, and all the crap with red matter, the Romulans and changing the timeline were all a dream.

    • Scene two: He’s telling Dr. Crusher this in 10 Forward, who thinks he should stop by for some tests. She leaves, and he turns to look behind the bar and Guinan just looks at him and says “And did you see those Klingons?!”

      • Scene 3
        Abrams takes over the direction. An important message comes for Stewart. He runs wildly to the bridge. The lens flare off his forehead is tremendous.

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