Movie Discussion: Venom (2018)

Sony/Columbia have had a hit-and-miss record with superheroes, and they’re receiving both positive and negative responses to Venom, s movie based on the Spider-man comic, but minus the webslinger himself.

The man in the symbiote suit is the protagonist here.

Here’s the place to discuss the movie.

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  1. It was okay, I suppose. I didn’t feel like I had been ripped off after I came out of the movie, but I wouldn’t say it was a work of genius or anything.

    I didn’t know anything about who or what Venom was before seeing the movie (and the trailers didn’t help on that score so I really didn’t know what I was in for when I went). I don’t know if that helped or hindered, really. But overall, it did an adequate job explaining what was going on at least.

  2. That sounds like what I’ve been hearing. Nothing that would make me run out to see it, but I’ll probably catch it at home in the future.

  3. Kids (teens) and I saw it, we were entertained. 3rd act CGI fight was disappointing, but thoroughly enjoyed the 1st two acts. Was not a waste of theater money.

  4. I am a Spidey fan. To give you an idea of how familiar I was with Venom going into the theater, when my wife had decided we could sneak out to see it, I was already wearing a Venom T-Shirt I didn’t realize I had on until just before we walked out the door. (I kept my coat zipped, I didn’t want to be *that guy*.)

    The movie was enjoyable. It reminded me of Upgrade a bit, but it was a good, stand alone comic book movie. We also brought my Mother-in-law, who had no familiarity with the character at all, and she enjoyed it a lot, too. (When pressed on the drive home as to what this had to do with comics, she said she thought that Venom was somehow related to Deadpool.)

    I would definitely watch it again once it’s out for home video.

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