Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week 37, Round 4

The first half of round four can be found here. To learn which decisions you will dread having to make next week, you can check out the brackets to date here.

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  1. Having looking at the brackets, I have to say that I’m not looking forwards to next week’s poll. NOT. ONE. BIT. :(

      • It’s on the list. We are two seasons away from all of Trek, and we just wrapped up the rewatch of Doctor Who (from 1963 on), so we will be ready for some new shows once life calms down enough for us to watch them again.

        • When you do get to it, make sure you watch the pilot episode (Babylon 5: The Gathering). I’ve seen distributions/streaming services that either don’t include it at all, or include it in a different category altogether (TV movies).

          It was filmed a year or so before the main series so it’s a bit different from the main show, plus some of the principal actors couldn’t come back, but it starts setting up the plot right from there.

          • I will keep an eye out. I tried to pick the show up myself, but went in some order I found online and started with “Babylon 5: In the Beginning”. Apparently, this is wrong because it’s a prequel movie that’s of the quality of Phantom Menace compared to the original trilogy.

            I wasn’t impressed to say the least, but I’ve since been told that is to be expected, and it was good I watched it already because I now I never have to do it again.

            • In The Beginning is actually not bad (at least I remember it not being bad at all) — but if you watched it before the actual show, I really, really hope you can forget every single detail because you have just taken a long, leisurely stroll through the Land of Spoilers.

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