Our reviewer has fallen behind, so we’re going to post a discussion of the last two episodes of Doctor Who, Series 11.

“Demons of the Punjab” gives us a fairly typical Doctor Who “aliens in a past era” episode, except for two notable twists. The first is that we’re not in England‘s past, even if the time and place hold some significance to British history. The second is one of the things that makes this episode interesting.

“Kerblam!” looks at the implications of our latest retail models and future AI developments. It has an interesting premise, and Whittaker remains a standout Doc, but something about this one left me cold.

Anyone else have opinions?

“Demons…” also raises a familiar conundrum to readers / viewers of time travel: why don’t people who encounter future acquaintances / relatives in the past remember them when they meet again? I’ve encountered stories where they do, or at least find the people familiar, but it’s amazing how often those past encounters get ignored.