Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week 38, Round 4

The next round of voting takes place here. This is the last round that will take more than one week to complete. When round 5 starts next week, we’ll be doing a round a week until we are done. The full brackets can be seen here.

6 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Hero Tournament: Week 38, Round 4”

  1. And you’re pitting husband vs Wife immediately after I had to pit Jack vs Scotty?

    If it weren’t for the fact that I haven’t seen Babylon 5, I suspect I’d have quit this in frustration.

    • +1, although like Jethro below I’ve also resorted to using the dictionary definition of “hero” as a kind of tiebreaker when I’ve been stuck. Probably makes for some unpopular decisions though…

      Show vs. Show decisions aside, we’ve still got a pretty good representation from all the major universes as well, which is pretty neat, although I kinda hope we avoid the slight clich√© of a Trek vs. Wars final. Just need to whittle down a few more of those Doctors to ensure fair representation (not that I don’t like Doctor Who, mind, and it’s certainly interesting to see how they each fare).

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