Rumblings in the Marvel TV/Cinematic Universe

Luke Cage. Iron Fist and Daredevil have been cancelled, despite the huge success of the most recent DD season. Jessica Jones and The Punisher likely have one more go-round, if only because they’re already in production.

However, Daredevil (and the others?) “will live on in future projects for Marvel,” according to a spokesperson.

Disney’s own streaming service will be continuing Marvel-Television, with its Scarlet Witch and Vision series, and a Loki series, both announced back in September.

Will Disney’s move mean greater interplay between Marvel’s movie and TV characters?

What do we want to see? What will we see?

And aren’t you all just shocked at these announcements, which imply that the shocking end of Avengers: Infinity War will, shockingly, be significantly undone?

Because I’m pretty darned shocked by that. /s

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  1. Avengers: Civil War? Is that just a typo or is there some sort of subtle snark there that I have failed to apprehend?

    From my perspective, it has been obvious all along that there would have to be a substantial reset after the finger snap. What we don’t know (modulo any spoilers which I have managed to avoid) is how that will happen and who will remember what and whether anyone will actually perma-die. I’ve thought all along that only those directly involved in the fight with Thanos are in jeopardy of perma-death, at least in the “prime” timeline.

    One thing they haven’t done is establish clearly how time travel works. Shield pretty much definitely says that changing the past causes a branching timeline, but we don’t know if other methods of time travel (the time stone, the quantum realm, etc.) have the same effect, and we also don’t know if timelines can merge back into a single “flow” far enough down stream from a disturbance. (Unless I missed a detail somewhere along the way, which is likely.)

  2. Given Disney’s new streaming service thing, I’m not surprised by the cancellations. I do wonder, though, whether their streaming service will be even be available outside of the United States, and if it is, whether it will have content parity, at least with the new productions.

    I think we will see a tighter integration between the TV series and movies, where reasonable, as things develop. At least based on what has been announced so far.

    That “will live on in future projects” bit actually gives me some hope overall. It suggests that the major hanging plot threads from Iron Fist might be resolved in some manner. It might mean they have some sort of plan but they can’t announce what it is yet because reasons (maybe because they haven’t negotiated everything they need with the relevant parties, etc.). I expect we will also see cancellation notices for Jessica Jones and Punisher and relatively soon after that, I think we’ll see a “big” announcement related to those characters.

      • Disney has announced that Disney+ will be available in Canada and the US at launch (as will the Criterion Collection dedicated streaming service now that FilmStruck is gone) but I have not seen any announcement about overseas markets. Disney does like to be worldwide, so I think the content will be available everywhere, via Disney+ in some countries and Netflix in others.

        • I can see them allowing Netflix the streaming rights for much of their catalogue in markets they haven’t established a presence in until such time as they do establish a presence. After all, it took Netflix a while to get the necessary infrastructure and the like in place to go global so I expect Disney will have some of the same challenges. I would expect that any such arrangement will probably end as soon as they do deploy the infrastructure, though.

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