Weekly Comics Discussion

This week’s shipping
includes such notables as Exiles
(finishing the Kulan Gath story),
Strange #3, Supreme Power #14,
Ultimate Fantastic Four #14, and
Ultimate Nightmare #4, all of which I’ll be
picking up. Also shipping are the new batch of
What If issues, a couple of special editions
of New Avengers #1, and a new issue of
Superman / Batman.

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  1. My List this week
    Here is what I’m picking up this week:

    303 2 – I liked #1, looks like its a good series.
    Daisy Kutter 4 – 1-3 where good.
    Desperadoes: Banners of Gold 1 – Don’t know about this one, but its worth a
    first look.
    Marvel Age Spider-Man 14 – filling a hole, this one was sold out when it was
    Para 6 – Not a bad series.
    Temporary: Cubes and Ladders 1 – Looks like a fun series.
    Western Tales of Terror 2 – first try on this one, haven’t been able to find #1
    What If Aunt May Had Died Instead of Uncle Ben 1
    Dork Tower: Vol. 7 Dork Side of the Goon TP

    Welp thats it, I suspect that I’m a much different type of comic reader than

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