Mechwarrior – The TV Series

As reported by, the effects house behind Voyager and Babylon 5, Foundation Imaging, is pushing forward with a television series based on the FASA game, Mechwarrior (originally named Battletech). Foundation’s credits include: Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles, Deep Space Nine, and Dawson’s Creek (Effects from “The Storm”)

What’s more, Star Trek veteran writer (script and novel), D.C. Fontana, is onboard to help write it.

I never got to see Roughnecks, but I’ve heard nothing but excellent reviews about the show’s animation and scripting quality.

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  1. Too bad FASA is in the crapper……
    Oh well, guess it would have had to come after FASA was gone.

  2. FASA Gone?

    Wow, I’m behind the times. In case this is news to anyone else, here’s the press release from FASA. This is really too bad. However, I wonder if this will boost the price of my old FASA Star Trek RPG?

  3. 2 Comments For The Price Of 1
    About the FASA Star Trek RPG: Iffy. I used to own a copy of it – the production values were only so-so, and the game itself was kinda crappy (rules-wise, at least, IMO OC). The ship combat system wasn’t so bad, even though it was more-or-less stolen from another game whose name I can’t presently remember.

    About Roughnecks: Yup, it was indeed a much better show than it got credit for. The stories were a bit hackneyed, and the animation lacked in a couple select spots (the characters – even if the animators tried to give them facial expressions, you couldn’t see them because all the characters were in big horkin’ suits of power armor). The space battles were pretty neat, though — all the bang-bang was top-notch.

  4. I saw a preview of this at a local Con
    I went to TennCon several months ago, and someone had a booth set up demoing the battletech game, and they had a TV running a preview of the new series.

    From what I saw, this show is going to ROCK. Two mechs were running/flying around a battle ring. The bot behind the leader, knocked the hell out of the leader, so he does a 180 mid-stride and brings the gatlin guns to life :) After he thinks he wastes the bot he turns around and starts doing a touchdown dance on the track. Until the bot he supposedly wasted blasts the fuck out of him.

    I got to talking with one of the dudes working the booth, and he said that those scenes were about 25% rendered, and it looked friggin awesome already!

    He wouldn’t say what networks it would be on, but my bet is FOX saturday mornings with the way he was hinting.

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