Weekly Comics Discussion

This week has some interesting entries. I’ll be picking up Pulse #7 and Ultimates 2 #2 myself. Other items of note from Marvel include first issues of Spider-Man / Human Torch (a five issue miniseries), Stormbreaker: Saga of Beta Ray Bill (a six issue miniseries), and X 23 (a six issue miniseries about a character from NYX who may be Wolverine’s daughter). There will also be the first trade paperback collection of the well reviewed but poorly selling District X, and the first trade paperback of Arana: Heart of the Spider (originally published as Amazing Fantasy) which met lukewarm response from buyers and critics. The second volume of Marvel Knights 4 ships today in trade paperback along with issue 14 of the monthly series. Other well reviewed but poorly selling titles out today include Marvel Team-Up #4, New Thunderbolts #4, and the penultimate issue of She Hulk before its relaunch later this year. DC is offering trade paperbacks of Birds of Prey, From Eroica with Love, Incal, Constantine, Danger Girl, and Wonder Woman.