Weekly Comics Discussion

One more week until new Smallville hits the
air, so we’ve got to get our superhero fix from the
comics they will forever be connected with. This
week, I’ll be picking up Daredevil #69
(which wraps up the Golden Age arc, and will
be my last monthly copy before I switch back to
trades), Emma Frost Vol. 2: Mind Games (a
digest that covers up to issue 12 in an 18 issue
series), Essential Peter Parker, The Spectacular
Spider-Man Vol. 1
, Exiles #58 (my last
monthly issue before switching to trades),
Ultimate Spider-Man #71 (which wraps up the
“Superstars” arc, and again, will be my last issue
before switching back to trades) and Wolverine:
The End
(which wraps up that aimless, late
and befuddled miniseries.) That’s six items this
week, all of which should lead to new reviews. Work
is a little nuts right now (as I’m being moved to a
different location) so the reviews may not be coming
as quickly as I’d like. They will come, though.
(The Emma Frost review may wait until I can
review the entire series.) Also shipping this week
are Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 1,
the second volume of Mark Millar’s Marvel Knights
, Marvel Masterworks: X-Men Vol.
, and the new Green Lantern Archives Vol.
from DC.