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  1. They have to win me back after the garbage that was The Last Jedi. Both the title and the trailer are a step in the right direction. My desire for 9 is for it to make it be possible to watch 7 and then 9 back to back and to never watch 8 ever again.

    • I didn’t hate eight. It wasn’t the best, but it was no Attack of the Clones and no Jar Jar.

      The title isn’t my favorite. Didn’t we get rid of Skywalker already?

      • The series has already brought characters back from the dead (both as force ghosts and following bisection by lightsaber and plunge into a pit), from the trailer seems about to bring back another one way or another, so why not Luke too? Of course, there is (on the show at least) another Skywalker so maybe they are referring to Leia, or even Ben/Kylo for that matter, since despite his surname being Solo he’s still 50% Skywalker and has a bond with Anakin?

        Or maybe Rey is going to turn out to be a Skywalker after all?

        • I could see a Ben Skywalker story, where we get the actual redemption of a Sith (ish) Lord. That would be good.

          Okay, I’m convinced, at least to wait to see how it turns out.

          • Very much wait and see here, although that’s been the case since the moment they announced JJ Abrams would be involved. My feeling is that precisely which Skywalker they are returning to is going to determine whether they end up with a decent movie or a terrible one. The thought did occur to me they might also mean Luke though; on the “becoming one with the force” front, Qui Gon was mostly a voice, Obi Wan managed a manifestation as well, Yoda added physical interaction with the world, so maybe Luke might go one better still?

            All assuming they don’t then turn it into a complete turd anyway with their explanation and handling of a certain returning character, of course…

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