Oscar and Razzie nominees

The Academy Award nominations are out,
with very little genre representation. The Razzie
awards, on the other hand, look like they’ll be swept
by Catwoman, which leads the pack with seven
. I just picked up that DVD today, to
find out if it’s really as bad as they say it is. (I
also picked up the new animated Batman and
Superman sets.) Expect reviews some time
this year.

2 replies on “Oscar and Razzie nominees”

  1. catwoman
    I haven’t seen it, but the preview alone deserves a razzie. Basically, they were hoping Halle Berry almost nude would trick people into seeing it. Being as stupid as they are though, they didn’t look at history and see that movies never sell on boobies alone.

    • Re: catwoman
      Saw it at the drive in, in a double bill with . . . Team America? I don’t remember the other movie. Yeah, it was bad. But a good make-out movie, since if you tune out for 40 minutes, you really haven’t missed any of the plot. I’d also proffer that Halle Berry almost nude didn’t work because of Monster’s Ball which:

      1. is a much better (if non-genre) film in general
      2. garnered Ms. Berry an Oscar, so we know she can act well above her performance here (frankly, her performance in Catwoman is almost unwatchable, but I’d really blame the script before Ms. Berry)
      3. skips merrily past “almost nude” (though that is far from the reason I watched it), so, really, we’ve already seen it

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