The Battle of Winterfell has ended, so it’s time to honour the dead, throw a kegger, throw off clothes, and then travel to King’s Landing (which takes a lot less time lately) to confront Cersei.

We have a discussion this week, rather than a full-fledged review (those will return for the final two), so pull up your Starbuck’s Coffee (being sure to clear it off the set before filming starts), and let’s discuss this transitional episode, in which we say good-bye to some characters who made it through last week just to die last night, follow Jaimie to what may be the final confrontation with his sister, and cheer on the reunited team of Arya and the Hound.

Expect Spoilers.

Scene: Dany’s navy sails to king’s landing. We pause to get snacks.

My wife: Are the remaining two dragons male and female? They could be a mated pair. We could have more dragons in the future.

We start the show playing again.

Me: Guess not.