Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2019 May 19

The TV is a lot lighter this week as “Summer” is starting, though I am not sure that traditional seasons are as much of a thing as they once were.  None the less, we are allegedly seeing the Season Finales of Game of Thrones, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Doom Patrol.  Elementary returns and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has just started back up, too.  To flesh things out, Good Omens and Swamp Thing are starting next week (May 31st.)  To flesh things out, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger and The Twilight Zone continue on, and if you’ve been busy, Lucifer season 4 is still sitting out there in the Netflix queue.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv or IMDB below the cut, except when there really aren’t any.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

Game of Thrones – S08E06 – The Last Episode – <Spoilers> (See Bureau42 for a review!)

Supergirl – S04E22 – The Quest for Peace – Lex Luthor descends upon Washington, D.C. and summons Lena and Lillian Luthor to the White House. Supergirl realizes she has one last chance to stop Lex and turns to the power of the press to help her.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S04E16 – Hey, World! – While on a mission to find Ray, Constantine and Nora discover Neron’s evil plan. Nate convinces the Legends to think outside the box and suggests a dangerous plan to unite magical creatures and people to save the world.

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – S02E09 – Blue Note – Tyrone and Tandy turn to questionable allies in their attempt to find and stop the villain behind the trafficking ring. Meanwhile, Tandy learns more about Lia’s past.

The Twilight Zone – S01E09 – The Blue Scorpion – <No description given, but see Bureau42 for a review!>

Elementary – S07E01 – The Further Adventures – Holmes and Watson’s new careers as consultants for Scotland Yard in London take them inside the tabloid journalism industry when a popular model is the victim of an acid attack. Also, as Watson grows increasingly homesick for New York, Captain Gregson is wracked with guilt over his unresolved rift with his former consultants. Ophelia Lovibond returns as Kitty Winter, Sherlock’s former protégé.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S06E03 – Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson – It’s a wild night out on the planet of Kitson for the agents. While Fitz and Enoch try their luck at the casino, nearby, Daisy and Simmons find themselves in a much … groovier situation.

Doom Patrol – S01E15 – Ezekiel Patrol – Season Finale [Ed. Note: There is an S01E16 titled Episode 16 listed as airing a week after this one, so the description may be inaccurate.]

Lucifer – S04(Now with 100% more Netflix!) – Reeling from the aftermath of Chloe seeing his devil face, Lucifer faces a new challenge: Eve, the original sinner herself, is back. Does she want revenge for when he tempted her out of Eden oh so many years ago… or something else entirely?

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  1. Last week, Supergirl was saving on budgets by having their two antagonists lookalikes have a masks in order to film easier. I made fun of this.

    This week, they do it again, but I also realize it’s something I’ve been wanting. In most Superhero media, there is some excuse for the mask to come off so that they can have their big name actor show off their beautiful emotions instead of letting us see the hero’s face we were accustomed to. Leaving masks on like Supergirl has done lets them actually show us the hero’s masked face we are used to!

    …except in Supergirl where the hero’s face usually is exposed.

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