Movie Discussion: Aladdin and Brightburn (2019)

We have a pair of genre releases this week that we won’t be reviewing soon. If you want to discuss Disney’s live-action reinvention of its 1990s adaptation of the story from Arabian Nights, or the horror-movie twist on Shuster and Siegel’s reinterpretation of the hero mythos, here is a place to do it.

2 replies on “Movie Discussion: Aladdin and Brightburn (2019)”

  1. Every singe preview I have seen for the live action Aladdin has been extremely underwhelming. I have no interest in it. In fact I’m hoping it’s fails and on the back of Dumbo bombing colossally, marks the beginning of the end of Disney’s live action remakes.

    • It’s getting better (if middling) reviews than Dumbo, and the intended audience seems to like it, but, yeah, I wish Disney-as-Disney* would start doing new again.

      *Distinguishing it from Disney-as-Multimedia-Conglomerate-that-owns-everything-and-does-a-bunch-of-frequently-cool-things-that-we-don’t-necessarily-think-of-as-“Disney”

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