New “Firefly” material in July

Newsarama report
confirms that there will be a
three issue comic book prequel series to
Serenity that begins this July, published by
Dark Horse. Whedon and Brett Matthews will be
writing it, with art by Will Conrad. Note that this
series won’t be solicited for another month, but I’ll
be sure to point it out when it comes.

3 replies on “New “Firefly” material in July”

  1. In this week’s Newsweek …
    February 21, 2005, on page 12, lower right hand corner, is a boxed article called “Comics: But They Really Want to Direct”. Ignore the semi-sarcastic ignorant-hack-trying-to-be-clever blurb. There’s a small graphic with sample art of Zoey, the Captain, and Jayne. The art looks great.

    -Joe G.

  2. From Years Hence
    In other news, a wormhole appeared in a comic shop, depositing a copy of Diamond Previews from September, 2007, apparently soliciting the third issue of the series.

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