Weekly Comics Discussion – Wednesday, March 2, 2005

, I’ll be taking home Doctor Spectrum
. Other items of note shipping this week
include new issues of Exiles and
Ultimate Spider-Man (both of which will be
reviewed as trade paperbacks), the first issue of
Orson Scott Card’s Ultimate Iron Man
miniseries, a number of X-Men: Age of
related titles, a trade paperback
collecting the latest round of What If
titles, and the second Fantastic Four
hardcover collecting the Waid/Weiringo run (which
should read more smoothly than the third and fourth
trade paperbacks it contains, since it was such an
artificial split between the two) from Marvel comics.
DC is offering first issues of Legend and
Luthor: Man of Steel, which could each be
very good. There will also be trade paperbacks
collecting recent issues of Fables,
JLA, Promethea, and Tenjho