This week’s round of DVD picks is a bit sparse.
Things then pick up for the next few weeks. (I have
items on preorder every week from March 15 to
mid-April, with oddball picks going out into August.)

This is a very light
for DVD releases, as you can see by the
contents of Amazon’s
top sellers. That should change next week, though.

First, the genre releases:

Next, the non-genre releases:

  • Ladder
    : John Travolta, Joaquain Phoenix, and Robert
    Patrick in a movie about firefighters.
  • Friends
    – Season Nine
    : Just in case you weren’t bored by
    the first eight. (To be honest, I was entertained by
    the first year.)
  • Felicity
    – Season Four
    : The final year of the series.

Just one more thing. This week’s pick of the week is
– The Complete Second Season
: A recent online poll
decided that Lt. Columbo was the greatest detective in
TV history. That sounds right to me. This has some
great episodes in it, with impressive guest stars as
always. Columbo, Banacek, Kojak, B.L. Stryker and the
McMillans were all ABC detectives during this time,
but only one of them survived with TV specials through
the next few decades. I don’t care what dialogue was
written into Mrs. Columbo; the man’s first
name is “Lieutenant.”