Enterprise boldly goes to the UK

writes, Advertising has been minimal, so UK
Trekkers will be delighted to know that the fourth
series (or “season” if you prefer) of Star Trek:
starts on Sky One at 8pm on Tuesday 08
March 2005. “Storm Front part 1” is followed by the
first series finale of Stargate: Atlantis, with the
Wraith launching an assault on the Atlantis city.

2 replies on “Enterprise boldly goes to the UK”

  1. ………..
    LOL. Why? I feel sorry for the UK

    1st post, and its by ME, Enterprise could go boldly up my ass and I still wouldn’t care! and from the HIGH responses to this post nobody else does either

    • Re: ………..
      I was thanking any and all Gods I could think of that I don’t have Sky One, so won’t accidentally watch it.

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