7 replies on “Whedon to write and direct Wonder Woman pic”

  1. TechnoGirl says:

    What was that sound ?
    It sounded like a toilet… Oh wait…
    What’s that smell?

  2. vanyel says:

    Not too thrilled
    …there are lots of other things I’d rather see him take on that haven’t already been done.

  3. Alexius says:

    I’m Thrilled.
    I Haven’t Gotten To See Much From him, And This Sounds Like Something Great. Joss Seems Like he Was Bred For Writing Superheroes.

    Also, Wonder Woman Is A Strong Woman Character, The Sort Of Thing He Loves Writing, So I’m Sure He’d Do Well. My Biggest Fear Is She’ll Come Out Too Much Like Buffy.

    • antihero says:

      Re: I’m Thrilled.
      Actually, that’s an interesting fear… and I see where it’s coming from.

      I think, though, that he’ll be cognizant of the differences between his old heroine and his new one… Buffy was (of course) a human teenager (at first) with peak-human abilities… Wonder Woman is a near-deity member of Amazon royalty.

      He’ll (hopefully) be able to remember the differences :)

  4. y42 says:

    Sexy brunette with a lasso
    Tie me up, tie me down, wonder woman ;-)

    They had me at “superhero movie” though.

  5. yodapez18 says:

    Wonder woman?
    I dunno, wonder woman has never been successful as a main character, her comic books never seemed to go anywhere.
    But it could be funny with josse whedon doing it, “Jennifer love hewitt as: Wonder Woman” heh heh
    they better ditche the invisible plane though, cause it never made any sense

    • SciFiMan says:

      Re: Wonder woman?

      they better ditche the invisible plane though, cause it never made any sense

      Well WHAT ELSE is she going to put in the invisible hanger with the invisible runway and the invisible flight crew? LOL. Gotta agree that was one wierd bad idea but I guess they had to get her traveling somehow.

      Here’s to hoping Whedon can pull off a greatly crafted WW movie. I’m hopeful he can do it.

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