Spider-man swinging out of the MCU?

Just when it looked like Disney and Marvel Studios had all of their Marvel Toys back, Sony has rejected a new deal that would have seen the profits between the two studios split more equitably– that is, Disney would have received a bigger percentage. At present, it appears that Sony will be continuing on their own with Spider-man, leaving him out of the official MCU films.

Of course, with the kind of money that might be made, and Sony’s shaky track record with the Web-slinger, expect twists and updates to this story.

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  1. The first twist already shook out, as I was reading “everything’s fine, someone just wants a bigger producer credit.” I think we need to wait for an official statement.

    • We definitely need to wait. However, going forward, the stalemate does raise some interesting questions about how Disney/Marvel will handle the next movies, until they know how this will resolve.

      And, while Sony doesn’t have the best track record with Spider-man, when compared with the MCU, I wouldn’t mind some Spidey films that don’t involve quite so much MCU-intervention.

      • I can’t argue that. Doctor Strange seemed to work pretty well without any MCU (except that last tidbit at the end,) so they clearly could let Spidey be more Friendly Neighborhood.

      • it doesn’t need to be MCU-heavy, no, but if he’s no longer part of that overarching story….well…I don’t feel the drive to get to the theater.

        Also, Sony’s track record with Spider-Man is VERY important to consider.

  2. Sony would be *completely stupid* to do this.
    The drop in attendance for the next Spider-Man movie would be far greater than they anticipate. I know that I would probably wait for video if I knew it weren’t connected to the MCU in any way.

  3. Feige not being directly involved doesn’t necessarily mean Spidey exits the MCU continuity altogether. There are pleny of stories that could be told without having to involve any particular intervention from main MCU characters. There’s no reason Stark Industries can’t be providing him tech as needed, etc., without fancy crossovers.

    Indeed, in the aftermath of Endgame, this is the perfect time for characters to go their own way. I mean, after that and Far From Home it wouldn’t be surprising for Spidey to want to bow out of soul-crushing end-of-the-world conflicts and instead stick with saving his city, dealing with old JJJ, and trying to have a relationship with a girl.

    Also, with movies like Ant Man and Doctor Strange basically stand-alone stories, there’s no reason Spidey can’t have a few movies like that, too. Maybe Spiderman will just be too busy with something else to appear for the next team-up. As long as Marvel keeps Sony apprised of the broad strokes of the narrative (which doesn’t require more than cursory involvement by Marvel), they can avoid stepping on things too badly and allow us to imagine that it’s still in the same continuity.

    • Yeah, it sounds like it was some poorly worded stuff. Reading it here makes it sound like everything is the same as it has been, just Kevin isn’t an executive producer. That doesn’t even seem newsworthy to me at that point.

      • Seems like there’s a deal now. I rather suspect there was always going to be a deal but the specifics of it weren’t completely nailed down yet. The whole thing feels like something of a publicity stunt, now.

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