Nothing like sneaking out of the office to catch a great flick!

Sin City

Cast & Crew

Directed by Frank Miller
and Robert Rodriguez

Special Guest Director: Quentin Tarantino

Based on the graphic novels by Frank Miller

Screenplay by Robert Rodriguez

A whole lotta people…

Original Release Date

April 1, 2005


A collection of short stories from Frank Miller’s Sin City graphic novels. Based in and around Basin City, the stories involve revenge, lust, power, abuse of power, and even cannibalism.


Um. Wow. I knew this was going to be interesting, but damn. The film is going full tilt start to finish and you revel in the ride all the way along.

High Point

Miho. That’s one bad-ass girl.

Low Point

Some of the points get belabored towards the end (Hartigan’s inner monologue). Though, in all fairness, that’s standard stuff for Noir.

The Scores

Originality: It’s film noir…on speed and steroids. 5

Effects: The fact that it looks like a comic book makes the effect look flawless. 5

Story: It’s a set of short stories ala Pulp Fiction, that all tie together in the end. Great. 5

Acting: Brilliantly over-the-top. Its heavy dialogue is delivered perfectly and wonderfully. 5

Emotional Response: You get into these characters, even though you probably shouldn’t. 5

Production: This is a stylized masterpiece. It’s beautiful, even when it’s trying to be ugly. 6

Overall: Certainly one of the best looking films in years, it’s a gory, messy masterpiece. 6

Total: 37 out of 42