Weekly Comics Discussion – Wednesday, May 4, 2005

The shipping
for this week include a couple of noteworthy
items, including Essential Defenders Vol. 1
and Ultimate Fantastic Four #18. Items of
interest I won’t be picking up this week include the
trade paperback versions of Ultimate
, X-Men: Eve of Destruction,
Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 5: Sins
, Human Torch Vol. 1,
Captain Britain, Hawkman: Wings of
, JSA: The Golden Age, Preacher
Vol. 3
, Swan Volume 3, Thundercats
Vol. 5
, and Superman: The Action Archives
Vol. 4

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  1. Free Comic Book Day 2005!
    Don’t forget: Saturday may 7th 2005 is Free Comic Book Day!

    There’s a lot of interresting things this year, not the least of which is the (I assume) spoilerriffic Star Wars ep.III comic.
    Heck, might want to make a whole article on it friday or saturday : )

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