Berman Backstabs Coto

shayward writes, A TGL report here has excerpts of an interview with Rick Berman. He says that some of the more verbal fans believe “that when we took Manny Coto and we promoted him from co – executive producer to executive producer that he just suddenly took over and it became The Manny Coto Show.” He goes on to say, “That’s just nonsense.” He also indicates that he and Braga were just as involved with scripts and stories as they were previous to Season 4.

Backstab may be a bit strong a word, but this article makes it painfully clear this man hasn’t the foggiest clue what’s going within his own series and why fans are turning away from Trek and villifying him. To quote: “It’s going away because it has endured for so long. It’s paradoxical.” Yeah Rick, kind of like your writing.

3 replies on “Berman Backstabs Coto”

  1. Too Strong
    Yeah, backstab is too strong but it does convey the sentiment, doesn’t it?

  2. Take all the credit, pass on all the blame
    We all know the type, they tend to stick to the top levels of managerial organisations. Backstabbing is like breathing to them: It comes naturally and occurs so often they don’t even think about it.

  3. Sure, Rick
    Everyone’s to blame for the failure, EXCEPT FOR YOU. Grow a little backbone, eh?

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