Century City restarts in Canada

Century City was a short lived series about a
law firm in a near-future world with significantly
advanced biotechnology. As you can see by this IMDB
, the cast included Hector Elizondo, Nester
Carbonell (Batmanuel in the live action
Tick), Kristen Lehman (Invisigoth in “Kill
Switch,” the X-Files episode written by
William Gibson), Viola Davis (from the new version of
Solaris), Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards in the
upcoming Fantastic Four live action film),
and Eric Schaffer (recently seen in
Spanglish). The American run was cancelled
after four episodes, but Space: The Imagination
ran the full nine episodes in Canada, and
is scheduled to restart from the pilot this Sunday. I
missed the first two broadcast episodes, but I liked
what I saw. It’s worth a look on a Sunday morning.
Note that Space is airing them in the sequence
suggested by the home network rather than the
production order. (The episode order is much like
that of Firefly, only the first episode
actually came first.) With everything else going into
reruns, I’d be willing to review this series over the
next few weeks. Alternatively, I could do a complete
series review in two weeks when I catch the episodes
I’ve missed. If you have a review preference or an
opinion of the show, speak up below. (Generally, they
bring up issues that will need dealt with, but rarely
dig deeply into them.)

4 replies on “Century City restarts in Canada”

  1. review, please
    I caught a couple of episodes before it disappeared, and thought it was kind of interesting. I’d like to read a review at some point; one full review of all the episodes would be fine with me.

  2. Per Episdoe preferred.
    I caught two and a half of these while it was still on US TV. I liked it. To me, the most interesting character was the AI secretary, but whatever. The issues that are raised seem that they’re farther in the future than the storyline assumes, but I can accept that, as well.

    OK… a whole lot of nothing said, there. Anyway. I would prefer per-episode reviews for the show.

  3. To quote my wife:
    “I want to hunt down B & B and make them eat the film on which this was recorded.”

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